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Telecom Solutions

We help leading telecom players make customer oriented business decisions in a rapidly changing industry.

Customer-centric value creation

The Telecom industry continues to be a rapidly changing and vibrant eco-system encompassing device and infrastructure players, operators, and online services. New technology continues to bring new services and business models - making It important for industry players to quickly understand what works and what doesn’t. Nepa helps major Telecom companies listen to their customers in order to navigate in this ever-changing landscape.

Consumer Insights

We help companies understand consumers’ stated perceptions, attitudes, and needs.

Business Data

We connect these insights to the actual behavior and value of the individuals surveyed.

Value Creation

This enable us to provide more accurate and precise market research, helping our clients to better understand current and future business opportunities.


Martin Ekenbäck 

Martin Ekenbäck 

Commercial Director

+46 763 440 304