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Media & Entertainment Solutions

We provide world-leading media and entertainment companies with top-level intelligence for decision-making.

A New Media & Entertainment Landscape

The media landscape is evolving and the future belongs to those who can adapt. Relying on advanced analytical methods and deep industry knowledge, we simplify your decision-making with actionable insights – instead of confusing you with more data. Our expertise and media research products such offer top-level intelligence for decision-making. By linking our insight communities to sales data and online behavior, our solutions cross the chasm from insight to action.


With Nepa ADFX we go beyond CTR – utilizing consumers’ digital footprint we measure the true effects of online advertising

Digital transformation

We help our clients build digital revenue streams through pricing and packaging strategies

Insight communities

Our insight communities lets you connect to your audiences with a unique combination of survey and behavioral data.


Katarina Slotte

Katarina Slotte

Commercial Director

+46 760 062 487