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Tech & Science

Read and comment posts about the actionable insights that are created in the intersections of different data sources and systems.

Insights from “The superpowers of data science and analytics” in San Francisco

Using the right data for the right purpose Earlier this month, Nepa had the good fortune of attending the Marketing Analytics and Data Science Conference in San Francisco (April 3-5), an annual rite of passage for marketers who are already sold or hoping to be sold on – as the conference itself boasts – the “superpowers of data science and…

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Introducing the Nepa Tech & Science blog

Hi, It seems that by now everyone has figured out the importance of gathering and working with data. However, few has yet figured out what to do with all this data and exactly what the actual value is and for whom. We often meet companies that have invested significant resources into gathering and collecting their data in huge data warehouses….

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