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We provide brands and agencies around the world with integrated solutions to increase marketing ROI.

Marketing is all about ROI

With the exploding media landscape (and the data it generates) understanding and achieving marketing ROI is becoming increasingly difficult. Effective branding and marketing requires knowledge about three areas: the dynamics of your market; your target groups' drivers and behavior; and the brand’s challenges & opportunities. Relying on advanced analytical methods and deep industry knowledge, we simplify your decision-making with actionable insights – instead of confusing you with more data. With our research technology maximizing your ROI has never been easier.

Brand tracking

Our brand tracking solutions visualize market potential and provide concrete paths of action for positioning and communicating in relation to competitors.

Actionable Campaign Tests

Our pre- and post-campaign tests show how your message will be received and how it can be developed to achieve maximum effect. This allows ROI to be calculated with a completely different degree of certainty.

Optimized media selection

We use sales modeling to demonstrate how different media investments affect sales, and we make recommendations regarding the optimum mix for sales and brand profiling.


Johan Rinaldo

Johan Rinaldo

Commercial Director, Agencies

+46 735 181 090