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We dream of changing our industry

Founded on innovation & change we never settle for the status quo and continue to challenge ourselves and the traditional research industry.

A word from our CEO

We founded Nepa with the goal of changing a traditional industry and building a global company. We were convinced that we could improve the efficiency of the research industry by moving from analog to digital methodologies. We went beyond phone interviews and snail mail surveys and pioneered a fully automated and online tracking solution. This raised the quality of the research while lowering the cost for our clients. After Nepa was recognized for its innovative solutions at a global research conference in Florida the company’s growth skyrocketed.

Since Nepa’s inception in 2006 it has been one of Sweden’s most innovative and fastest growing companies. In the fall of 2015 the company was recognized by Dagens Industri, Sweden’s largest daily business newspaper, as a Gazelle company (one of the countries fastest growing businesses) – for the fifth year running. This has only ever been achieved by 86 other companies.

Today Nepa has more than 350 clients that we help in over 50 countries from our offices in Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo, Copenhagen, London, New York and Mumbai. We are well on our way to achieving our global ambitions!

The world as a whole is undergoing massive digitalisation at the moment. This changes the rules of the game for many companies and turns proven business strategies on their head. We are convinced that business development of the future will be shaped in close dialogue with the customers of a company. Some of the most successful companies today, like Uber and AirBnB, build their entire business model on feedback from customers. In order to be truly customer-centric companies must transform the voice of the customer into concrete actions that reach relevant stakeholders in all parts of the organization.

In order to assist companies with this challenge, and to create the insights firm of the future, we have developed and launched the ActionHub®, Nepa’s fastest growing product. The ActionHub® is a platform for insights that is trigger-based, i.e. surveys are triggered by store-visits, purchases, surfing onto a site or any other kind of customer behaviour that can be registered. What make the ActionHub® noteworthy is the possibility to combine different data sources which means that insights and action can be assigned a financial value. For example, an improvement in customer satisfaction with a certain product, service or department can be translated into actual dollars and cents. The ActionHub® bridges the gap between insight and action and prioritising between customer suggestions becomes much easier. Our systems always focus on the business issue at hand  instead of adding superfluous data structures – Big Data, without the headaches. Our platform is also available online and provides information to all reaches of the organisation in real time.

The ActionHub® platform is made up of two layers, the back-end and front-end. The back-end is the data layer where different data sources within customer behavior and feedback are aggregated and combined in an analysis engine. The client uses the front-end with is a digital layer where the analysis engine generates the ActionHub® Application Suite – solutions within areas like product development, store optimisation, sales and marketing.

We have received a fantastic response from the market regarding the ActionHub® platform and some of Sweden’s largest and most well known companies are already on the client list. We are now aiming to establish the ActionHub® on a global market.

Fredrik Östgren

CEO at Nepa AB

Our milestones


Our journey started with an aim to provide cost-effective research solutions. We pioneered online tracking in the Nordics and developed our own selection method for real-time tracking. Within three months we had our first customer. Within 3 years the entire research world had switched from telephone to online tracking.


We built northern Europe’s first media panel together with a large commercial television channel. After six months, we had cut their data collection costs by 90 percent and established an ongoing dialogue with their viewers. The concept is now used by the world’s largest media companies and engages more than 500,000 television viewers.


We introduced a new method for surveying and positioning brands that is now used worldwide. As our client list in the Nordics grew so did our ambitions…


By now we were hitting our stride, with global research assignments for international clients. We opened our first international office in Mumbai, India. We also launched the first version of our visualization tool N-visualize.


We continued our international expansion in Europe by opening an office in London in order to serve large accounts within media and entertainment.


We accelerated our focus on technology by developing N-visualize 2.0, which allows clients to visualize their own data and build custom reports. Brand surveys have never looked the same.


After a successful launch in India we tackled the most populous country in the world and established our office in Shanghai, China.


Further focus on industry-specific solutions saw us develop technologies which combine business, behavior and survey data in order to provide retailers with innovative tools to maximize their sales. We also continued our asian expansion establishing a presence in Singapore.


The year our ActionHub® concept took flight. Across industries like Retail, Telecom and Media we implemented end-to-end solutions coupling survey data with behavioral data - from data collection all the way to unique visualizations.


The company is rebranded to reflect our focused industry-specific offering. With offices in 7 countries and ongoing global insights assignments in over 50 countries we are averaging 25% growth year-on-year and are still chasing our dream. If you are looking for a pioneer within insights technologies, look no further than Nepa.


Nepa is listed on the Nasdaq First North exchange. The global journey continues and we are establishing Nepa USA, Inc. in New York. Here we go people!

Our Global Reach